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Our debut album! OUT NOW ON VINYL VIA MODERN RADIO RECORD LABEL: store.modern-radio.com/product/fury-things-vhs-lp

"Nearly all of the songs on this Twin Cities power trio’s full-length debut start in one of two ways: with a furious, call-to-arms pounding of snare drum and cymbals, or with a heavy, call-to-earplugs roar of guitar. Either way, consider yourselves forewarned. The band proudly harks back to the scene’s best-known power trio, Hüsker Dü, not just in volume and velocity, but also the sharp melodic hooks that singer/guitarist Kyle Werstein jabs into such choice songs as “Honest” and “Summer Bummer.” Lest you think they’re all roar, the guys throw in a gorgeously ambient, slow-fade of a closer, “Bahia.”" - Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune


released December 4, 2015

These songs were recorded in October of 2014 at Acrylic Fabricators Corporation in Northeast Minneapolis, Minnesota. They were engineered by Jonathan Records and mixed by Devon in his pajamas at home. The songs were mastered by Bruce Templeton at Magneto Mastering. All songs are produced and performed by FURY THINGS. Kyle did the album art.



all rights reserved


FURY THINGS Minneapolis, Minnesota

Debut album "VHS" out NOW on Modern Radio Record Label.

BOOKING: contact furythingsband@gmail.com

Three quiet dudes playing loud music.

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Track Name: Silence Is OK
My mind is racing like a rogue wave
My coping skills are dull and nothing is ok
Just try your best to lock it away
Beyond the din I’ll find you scattered by your days

Sometimes silence is ok
Sometimes I don’t have to say
Sometimes I can’t make my way
Sometime’s Friday’s just another day

Sometimes you wake up from a bad dream
Try as you might to leave the feelings where they lay
Your tummy’s aching like a maelstrom
Look out the window try to get up anyway
Track Name: Honest
I thought I’d kill myself or be killed by someone else
I fight against the tides, keep secrets I can’t tell
Picking up the pieces, crushing ruptures underneath
You’re saying everything and I can’t even speak

And every time
You think it’s fine
When you’re around
We stay in line

When’s my time?
The more I know
The less I’m fine

I’m wide awake except I’d rather be asleep
Can’t find my lust for life, but there’s no rest for the meek
How can you tolerate a world that swallows you?
There’s things I wish I said and things I’d like to do
Track Name: Mersault
Staring at the sun, I’m always staring at the sun
Wanna have some fun, slips the trigger on the gun

Bloody fingertips, you suck the blood out from the wounds
Wishing for your death, behind the bars, it happens soon

And I
My overwhelmed numbness
With absurdist points of view

Can I
Or you
Distinguish fact from fiction
Or absurdist points of view?

Staring at the sun, I’m always staring at the sun
Wanna have some fun, slips the trigger on the gun

She looked awful nice, not too sure where it could lead
Blank faced, smoking barrel, maybe pleasure’s all you need
Track Name: Bruised Fruit
It’d be nice to be
Somewhere free

Crack, crack the sky
Feeling high
Wonder why

Bruised all my fruit
See them wilt
See them lose

Ache, take the pain
Feeling plain
So ashamed

Crack, crack the sky
Feeling high
Wonder why
Track Name: Some Things
Sometimes I just want to get lost
And feel that continental thrill
Vocabulary with no cost
I’m always sinking so let’s

Chill out
Sit down
Take your time

We sold tomorrow yesterday
The things you love are so passé
We’re always being led astray
I wish I knew it all would be ok

I’m zooming out a time or two
To see what everything’s become
I’ll never ask the same of you
If you’re alright you know that

Some things
Can’t change
Till we do
Track Name: Summer Bummer
Yesterday I
Thought I died
And that’s ok

See the leaves change
Act my age
My mistake

Summer bummer
We act like it’s ok

All good things end
I hit send
I’ll try again

I looked outside
And thought I died
Once again

Summer bummer
We don’t mean what we say
Summer bummer
We act like it’s ok
Track Name: Shakes
Running faster than before
That one’s too close to ignore
I guess I’m sorry, don’t know why
Keep my head aimed toward the sky

Morning comes again
I try to stay asleep
But it always shakes me up
And down, bearing teeth
And I can’t see what’s inshore
For me, and still it reaps
And it always shakes me up
And down

Saying nothing,
I can’t speak
Ignore rumbling underneath
I’m ok from time to time
Keep my head aimed toward the sky

It shakes
Me up
And down

Still it shakes me up and down
I walk in circles, all shook down
Direction’s just an idle threat,
Direction’s just an idle threat
Track Name: Bahia
I had a dream
You were nothing
Come back stay

Sky blue
Beach sand
I’ll hold your hand
Can’t stay away

We’ll find respite
Daydream, sunlight
Forlorn past

Just keep swimming
While I daydream
This will last

Smile wide
Come outside